“Beautify with Awnings”

Hibbs Awning Co., Inc. has been providing customers with awnings for over 120 years. We provide our customers with ways to beautify their homes as well as ways to protect it from the harsh elements and to increase living space. If you are considering changes to the look of your home, please continue to our product information section then to our residential section.

If you own a business such as a store, restaurant, office building, etc., then Hibbs Awning Co., Inc. has a wide range of products for you. Our awnings can make your business stand out, plus provide extra seating if needed. If you are interested in adding extra elegance to your building, please continue to our product information section then to our commercial section.

Important: If you are getting quotes from other companies, please make sure they are a full service company. Many companies do not service their products after installation. Hibbs Awning Co., Inc. is a full service company who takes care of every detail of the job from start to finish. We will come out, measure the job, design the product(s) you would like, manufacture the product, install the product, and perform complete service and repair. This complete service includes, but is not limited to, putting the products up in the spring, taking them down in the fall, and repairing the products.

Remember, choosing a company that offers COMPLETE IN-HOUSE follow-up service is crucial!

Click here to read Shades of Nostalgia by Ann Cameron Siegal, an article featured in The Washington Post, to learn how awnings can lower energy bills and protect furniture from fading.

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